Hello and congrats on making it into Psychology Honours! :) I received a mark of 92 for this subject and graduated as the 2022 valedictorian for achieving the highest grade overall in my Honours year. I made this cheat sheet to take in with me to the open book exam for PSYH4418. It is a clear, concise summary of all the important content, formulas, and STATA instructions. It is organised by main headings and subheadings so that you can quickly navigate to the content/formula/theory/stata command that you need during your exam. It covers the following content: - Prior year notes - Miscellaneous notes and formulas - Power - Logistic regression --- Key content --- Model fit --- Probability and frequency calculations --- Dichotomous logistic regression --- Ordinal logistic regression --- Multinomial logistic regression --- Stata commands - MANOVA --- Key content --- Hypothesis testing --- Assumptions --- Stata commands - Multi-level modelling --- Key content --- Assumptions --- Stata commands - Path analysis via regression --- Key content --- Effects --- Significance of indirect effects --- Stata commands - Path analysis via structural equation modelling --- Key content --- Parameters and identification --- Goodness of fit --- Assumptions --- Stata commands - Exploratory factor analysis --- Key content --- Rotation --- Potential issues (and how to navigate them) --- Loose assumptions --- Stata commands - Principal components analysis --- Key content --- Stata commands Principal axis factoring --- Key content --- Stata commands Confirmatory factor analysis --- Key content --- Stata commands


Semester 1, 2022

4 pages

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