Carefully planned out answer guides / brief summaries of MLL409 topics that require a process to go through when answering exam questions. I found these extremely useful when answering exam questions under time pressure to help quickly identify the issues and check that I had covered everything required when answering each question. They also act as a great overview of the unit as a whole.

In a content-heavy unit these are ideal to use in conjunction with your own full notes, or with my exam notes - "MLL409 - Competition Law & Policy", which are also available to purchase.

Notes contain:
- topic 2 (Restraint of Trade)
- topic 6 (Cartel Conduct)
- topic 7 (Anti-Competitive Agreements and Price Signalling)
- topic 8 (Exclusionary Provisions (Boycotts)
- topic 9 (Misuse of Market Power)
- topic 10 (Exclusive Dealing)
- topic 11 (Resale Price Maintenance)
- topic 12 (Mergers)
- topic 14 (Access)


Semester 2, 2015

11 pages

2,772 words



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