I used these notes during the Evidence & Advocacy exam in Semester 2 of 2022, achieving a High Distinction. These notes provide a step-by-step guide to answering exam questions. They also cover everything you need to know for both Advocacy Exercises. The notes: > are succinct yet comprehensive; > distil all the content from lectures, readings and tutorials into easy-to-follow answer guides; and > include unique details, examples and cases which will make your answers stand out, pushing you into a higher grade band. The notes cover the following topics: 1 Relevance & Probity 2 Party Presentation 3 Evidence in Chief (XN) 4 Cross-Examination (XXN) 5 Documentary & Real Evidence 6 Opinion & Expert Evidence 7 Original & Hearsay Use 8 Hearsay Exceptions 9 Criminal Procedure, Police Investigation 10 Criminal Procedure, Party Positions & Obligations 11 Criminal Procedure, Court Processes 12 Confessional Evidence and Discretionary Exclusion 13 Character 1 - Dispositional & Non-Dispositional Use 14 Character 2 - the Shield of the Accused 15 Warnings, Directions and Unreliable Evidence Safeguards. You will be delighted with your purchase.


Semester 2, 2022

35 pages

13,252 words



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