I listened to three lectures' recordings and made this comprehensive note which includes (1) a comprehensive class ntoes with detailed case summaries. (2) scaffold for each part of study which is of perfect help for your final exm. (3) mindmap sorting out the complicated procedures. This note helps me to get Distinction in the final exam. In detail, the note includes: 1. Introduction 2. Jurisdiction within NSW 3. Jurisdiction outside NSW (intra state; NZ and internationally) 4. Juriidiction clause 5. Res judicata 6. Forum non conveniens 7. Anti-suit injunction 8. Choice of law introduction 9. Substance and procedure 10. Foreign law 11. Choice of law in torts 12. Choice of law in Maritime torts 13. Choice of law in contract 14. Enforcement


Semester 2, 2022

131 pages

48,700 words



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