Hi!! Thank you for checking out my notes! This was one of the better units in my psych degree - it was so interesting and actually allowed you to apply your knowledge in a real life setting. I've condensed the lecture and tutorial information into a simple format making it easy to study for assignments and exams. My notes also include a bunch of self-written practice/revision questions that were really useful when studying for the final. Honestly, if you study these notes I have no doubt that you will ace the final exam as I felt extremely confident going in to it and my grades reflect that. They are also great notes to use for the mid-sem (I got 27/30). I didn’t include notes on the readings because the notes cover everything you need and I honestly think it’s a great way to save time when studying for the final. The table of contents can be seen in the preview. *note tutorials ended in week 7


Semester 2, 2022

42 pages

12,805 words



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