If you need an executive summary of the entire semester’s content in one succinct scaffold, then look no further. Designed to feature the key principles in HD detail, this 19-page scaffold is perfect for exam purposes. Spend less time reading the scaffold and more time shaping the scaffold’s principles to the problem question facts. Tax law exam questions are notorious for leaving you asking “How do I even approach this question…”, “There’s so much sport language, is this even tax related?”, or “Have I already addressed all the relevant topics in this question?” and “Surely I’m missing something…” These questions led me to create these executive-level notes, so I could run through topics quickly and efficiently find the relevant principles. Fully colour-coded (easy to quickly discern what’s on the page): - green highlight = legislation - blue highlight = case law - blue writing = optional, choose what’s relevant to the facts - red writing = high importance Topics: 1. Concepts of income 2. CGT 3. Income from Property 4. Income from Services Provided 5. Fringe Benefits Tax 6. Business Income 7. Deductions - Relevance 8. Deductions - Capital/Revenue Distinction 9. Deductions - Trading Stock (Business Taxation) 10. Depreciation of Assets 11. Goods and Services Tax 12. Tax Ethics 13. Entity Taxation (Partnerships, Companies, and Trusts)


Semester 1, 2022

19 pages

7,303 words



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