This is a succinct set of summary notes for the entire course (weeks 1-13) that follow the course textbook topics. These notes are crucial for the end of semester exam. I have included all key definitions and relevant case studies across the content. Weekly topics: Week 1: Big History/Introduction: Asia's cosmic address Week 2: The Universe, the Earth and Asia Week 3: Collective learning and paleolithic lifeways Week 4: Cities, states and agrarian civilisations Week 5: The expansion of Agrarian civilisations: the Chinese empire Week 6: Networks of exchange: the Silk Roads Week 7: The modern revolution Week 8: Modern states, nationalism and imperialism Week 9: Global crisis and conflicts Week 10: India: The end of Empire Week 11: The Cold War Weeks 12-13: Our global world/The Anthropocene and the near future


Semester 1, 2021

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