Semester 2, 2015

Property Portfolio Management/Analysis Notes

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These 200750 notes provide an insight into property portfolio management. Included is detail of the broader issues outlined in the domestic and global REIT market.

There is a strong focus on the analysis of property investment, return, risk and valuation techniques.

Provided are several detailed workings and solutions in assessing property investment.

Topics outlined include:

1. Introduction to investment portfolio management and analysis;
2. Assessing property investment return & risk;
- return;
- risk;
- risk/return ratio; and
- risk/return diagram.
3. Mixed-asset portfolio analysis;
4. Advanced property portfolio analysis;
- sharpe ratio;
- inflation hedging;
- beta;
- treynor index;
- tracking error; and
- information ratio.
5. Valuation of A-REIT;
6. Indirect property investment vehicles;
7. International property investment vehicles;
8. Sovereign wealth funds; and
9. Property portfolio issues.




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