This Exam summary was for Constitutional Law as taught in Semester 1 of 2022. I got a 87 HD overall for the course. It covers the following topics and provides a succinct and step-by-step systematic framework/checklist for a student to go through for the exam questions; 1. All Heads of Power ( Crops, External Affairs, Defence etc.); 2. Constitutional Limitations (Implied Freedom, Immunities, Excise, Freedom of Intercourse, S109 Inconsistency) 3. Severance & Reading Down (different at Cth and State levels) This document is somewhat unique - the first 5 pages provide a high-level overview of the topic, with a comprehensive table that follows, which discusses each Constitutional head of power/implied freedom, along with cases and detailed citations for each reference. For example, the first section of the table talks about the Crops power and all of its elements and so on for each head of power. It also separates in the 2 columns between Cth heads of power and State immunities (as well as the Implied Freedom of Political Communication, which affects both State and Cth) I do apologise that this document is somewhat lengthy - but it GENUINELY covers every single step and process, with commentary and provides the student with essentially 'what to say' for each of those steps. It's what helped me get such a high grade in a subject that is both difficult and covers a massive range of case law and constitutional principles. As a courtesy for considering to download this document, I will make the first 5 pages (with the high-level summary and the first page of the substantive table) free (see preview) - just to give individuals a taste of what the summary is like to navigate etc.


Semester 1, 2022

57 pages

11,000 words



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