A complete set of notes for Principles of Neuro covering all area of studies that you would ever need. It follows a topic-by-topic structure in chorological order of the lectures, summarizing concepts and definitions with succinct dot points and supplementary diagrams, with all information categorized into a hierarchy of topics and sub-topics. This is catered for the deadline fighters who simply want to Ctrl-F the whole subject with only one single document, the intellectually curious who are perhaps interested in getting ahead, and the study-holics who everything the lecture has covered to get that sweet H1 score. The 12-week contents of the summary notes include: - Introduction to Neuroscience - Sensory and effector systems - Motor movement - Neuropsychology Check out my summary notes for other level 1 to 3 science subjects on your right!


Semester 1, 2022

119 pages

11,963 words



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