Let's face it: Corporations Law is no walk in the park. That's all the more so if corporate law doesn't exactly make your heart sing. Fear not. These notes are here to save you. I did all of the course readings (*welp!*) and took meticulous notes during each lecture and tutorial so that you don't have to. So take a load off; let these notes be your guide. Here are the topics on offer: 1. INTRO TO COMPANIES AND THE REGULATORY SCHEME 2. INCORPORATION AND ITS EFFECTS 3. MANAGING COMPANIES 4. DUTIES/LIABILITIES OF DIRECTORS/OFFICERS: FRAMEWORK 5. DUTIES/LIABILITIES OF DIRECTORS/OFFICERS: DUTY TO ACT IN GOOD FAITH AND FOR A PROPER PURPOSE 6. DUTIES/LIABILITIES OF DIRECTORS/OFFICERS: DUTY OF CARE 7. DUTIES/LIABILITIES OF DIRECTORS/OFFICERS: LOYALTY 8. SHAREHOLDER ACTIONS 9. CORPORATE LIABILITY 10. SHARE CAPITAL What sets THESE notes apart? They are extremely well-organized, detailed but concise, beautifully colour-coded with visual aids to help guide your learning, and there are indicators throughout the notes to point your attention to key concepts in each topic. They also feature provisions from the Corporations Act embedded directly into the document for ease of reference (no more opening up Austlii!). And, there's plenty here to help you brainstorm for the essay component of your final exam. Go on and hit the download button! That H1 is within reach, superstar!


Semester 2, 2021

157 pages

65,992 words



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