Excellent, detailed notes - including from seminars, problem solving tutorials and Readings (Brown Textbook (2020)) Topics Crime, Law and Morality Scope and Principles of Criminal Law Elements of Criminal Offences I Elements of Criminal Offences II Homicide I: Murder Homicide II: Unlawful and Dangerous Act Manslaughter Assault, wounding and GBH offences Assault, wounding and GBH offences/Sexual Offences Sexual Offences Larceny Extending Criminal Liability: Complicity Extreme Provocation Self-defence and Excessive self-defence Duress and Necessity Mental Health Impairment or Cognitive Impairment and Substantial impairment because of Mental Health Impairment or Cognitive Impairment Automatism Use of Evidence of (i) mental illness or (ii) self-induced intoxication to negate intent


Semester 2, 2021

229 pages

130,567 words



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