-These notes are easy to follow, and cover the entire unit in the most comprehensive of details. Not a single word of content is omitted!
-They are colour-coded, and include diagrams & pictures to enhance your knowledge.
-These notes will ensure you receive full marks on your exam.
-These notes helped me to get 92% (H1) in this unit.

Topics covered include:
Week 1: What is Cognition?
Week 2: Similarity & Analogy
Week 3: Concepts & Categories
Week 4: Learning
Week 5: Introduction to Attention
Week 6: Attention - Structure, Capacity & Control
Week 7: Attention in Space & Time
Week 8: Attention in Objects & Neuropsychology
Week 9: Memory (Learning & Forgetting)
Week 10: False Memory
Week 11: Language
Week 12: Decision-Making


Semester 2, 2021

49 pages

18,336 words



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