Thanks for checking out my notes. If you decide to purchase them, I trust they'll be very useful to you in this subject and will also help you with writing your assignments. I found this subject really enjoyable and it definitely made me think deeply about my beliefs surrounding the nature of consciousness, free will, and selfhood. I received a mark of 95 for this subject, which was the top mark received out of my cohort. My grades across all subjects average within the top 1% of my cohort and my WAM is 90.

The table of contents for these notes is as follows:
Week 1: Introduction
- Readings x2, lectures x2
Week 2: The Hard Problem
- Readings x2, lecture
Week 3: The Science of Consciousness
- Readings x2, lecture
Week 4: Predictive Processing
- Readings x2, lectures x2
Week 5: The Unconscious Mind
- Readings x3, lectures x3
Week 6: Theories of Self
- Readings x3, lectures x3
Week 7: Embodied and Distributed Selves
- Reading, lectures x3
Week 8: Disruption of the Self
- Readings x2, lecture
Week 9: Agency and Free Will
- Reading, lecture
Week 10: Mind Reading
- Reading, lecture x2
Week 11: Evolution of Selves and Consciousness
- Reading, lectures x2
Week 12: Animal Sense of Self and Consciousness
- Reading x2, lecture


Semester 2, 2021

94 pages

35,898 words


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