These are thorough and extremely well-organised Disputes & Ethics notes which will help you understand the flow of the course. D&E can be a lot to wrap your head around, but as a D&E tutor, I understand how to present the material in a straightforward manner. These notes contain plenty of detail to help you prepare for your midterm as well as for the essays on your final exam. No doubt you will carry much of this with you through your future careers. At the end of the notes, I've embedded links to the legislation you'll need to refer to for ease of access. Content covered: - Reasons for Resolving Disputes Through the Legal System - The Fair Trial - Access to Justice - Case Management - Alternative Dispute Resolutions - The Role of the Lawyer - Admission to Practice & Disciplining Lawyers - The Lawyer-Client Relationship - Law as a Business: Cost Disclosure - Pre-Litigation Considerations - Commencing and Defending Proceedings - Abuse of Process - How to Prevent Cases Unnecessarily Proceeding to Trial - Gender and the Culture of Legal Practice - Conflicts of Interest - Ensuring the Finality of Litigation - Obtaining Information from the Other Side - Confidential Information - Judgment, Appeal and Enforcement - Allocating the Cost of Litigation - The Colonial Dimension


Semester 2, 2021

49 pages

26,072 words



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