Very concise, consolidated notes from a variety of sources, including lectures, lectorials, tutorials and readings, relating to Actuarial Data Analytic Applications. As someone that also worked at a leading data analytics company for over 3 years, I've incorporated examples from real-world cases to strengthen your comprehension of core concepts. My work experience has always allowed me to decipher the very dense course material and pull and summarise the most relevant information and concepts in a concise way. These notes are designed as effective summaries to reinforce and /or supplement your understanding of the core concepts covered in each week. I found these notes particularly effective in preparation of exams. Ultimately, the notes have been carefully prepared, with certain weeks being summarised in at most 2 pages. They enabled my achievement of a HD. Content: - Week 1: Introduction to Actuarial Data Analytics - Week 2: Data manipulation, assessing data quality and cleansing - Week 3: Communication, modelling and shrinkage techniques - Week 4: Model assessment and selection - Week 5: GLM - Week 7: Random Forests - Week 8: GBM - Week 9: Neural Networks


Term 3, 2021

18 pages

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