These final exam notes cover all lectures/seminars/readings for Civil Procedure. The first two pages of the notes comprise of a concise flow chart with relevant rules (including references to the legislation) and alternatives/exceptions to those rules. The following 26 pages include a further detailed and comprehensive breakdown of each element of Civil Procedure including excerpts from the legislation where appropriate for ease of reference and understanding. The following topics are covered: 1. Preliminary Discovery 2. Joinder Parties 3. Causes of Action 4. Originating Process 5. Serving of the Origination Process 6. Defendant's Response 7. Cross Claims 8. Amendment of Pleadings 9. Discovery 10. Interrogatories 11. Summary Disposal for the Plaintiff 12. Summary Disposal for the Defendant


Semester 2, 2019

28 pages

12,741 words



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