An in-depth analysis of all 107 cases you will need to know for the final exam in Criminal Law B (LAW3302). This book comes complete with each case's facts, issues, court ruling, and in some circumstances, excerpts direct from the judgement for greater understanding.

An indispensable, clear, and concise yet thorough companion as you pursue your studies in Criminal Law B, this book is most successfully used in conjunction with my other publication: Criminal Law B - Flow Chart Principles and Legislation.

Best of luck with your studies, and enjoy!

Topics covered include:

1. Sexual Offences
a. Rape
b. Sexual Assault
c. Sexual Offences against Children
d. Sexual Offences against Cognitively Impaired Persons

2. Property Offences
a. Theft
b. Obtaining Property by Deception (OPD)
c. Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception (OFAD)
d. Burglary/Aggravated Burglary
e. Robbery/Armed Robbery

3. Parties

4. Attempts

5. Strict Liability, Absolute Liability and Mistake

6. Drug Offences
a. Use
b. Possession
c. Trafficking


Semester 1, 2017

68 pages

25,467 words



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