This is a complete summary of the 23570 Economics of the Environment course. It includes notes from lecture slides and the textbook readings (Tietenberg & Lewis, 2018), and each module has been condensed into one double-sided A4 paper (2 pages), although some may be a little longer (3 to 4 pages). This document covers ALL assessable modules: - Module 2: Introduction - Environmental vs. Resource economics - Module 3: Dynamic efficiency and sustainable development - Module 4: Depletable resource allocation - Module 5: The transition from depletable to renewable resources - Module 6: Water - Module 7: Economics of pollution control - Module 8: Climate change - Module 9: Land usage - Module 10: Common-pool resources - Module 11: The quest for sustainable development These notes have been formatted according to the following key: - Red: Definitions - Royal blue: Examples - Purple: Practical applications - Turquoise: Key theorists - Highlighting is generally used to visually divide concepts when they are a part of a larger concept, or to more easily distinguish steps in a process.


Spring session, 2021

26 pages

18,766 words



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