Detailed exam notes for Procedure. Structured to answer problem questions, short answers, and assistance with drafting relevant applications. Includes rules for WA Supreme Court, WA District Court, Federal Court, and High Court. Covers the content from lectures and tutorials, and includes case summaries and relevant statutory provisions. Print ready. Topics covered: 1. Introduction 2. Matters to consider before commencing proceedings 3. Commencing proceedings 4. Interlocutory disputes 5. Affidavits 6. Pleadings 7. Parties and causes of action 8. Resolving disputes without trial 9. Gathering evidence 10. Moving towards trial 11. Trial 12. Post-trial 13. Appeals Note: these notes are of my own making. They do not include excerpts from lecture slides etc - please ensure you review the lectures and and other materials provided.


Semester 2, 2019

83 pages

29,381 words



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