Covers all topics, reflecting an integration of lecture slides, tutorials and in-class notes. Distinction (mark of 83) received for this unit of study. All content clearly divided into the following topic areas: Audiology • Introduction to Audiology and Hearing Loss • Anatomy and Physiology of Auditory System • The Audiogram: Basic Concepts • Testing children • Middle Ear Testing • Pathologies of the External Ear • Cochlear Pathologies • Tinnitus • Speech perception and functional listening assessment Embryology • Introduction and Development of the CNS • Development of the Face and Palate • Development of the Tongue, Larynx and Lungs • Embryology of the Ear • Teratology: study of drugs that cause birth defects Hearing Physics Sound Instrumentation Hearing Anatomy • Cochlear anatomy • Cochlear physiology • Vestibular function Pathophysiology • The Ear • The Nose • Oral Cavity • Larynx • Pharynx and Oesophagus • Paranasal Sinuses • Inflammation and Disease • Disorders of the Immune System


Semester 2, 2020

257 pages

415,364 words


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