LLB301 can be a challenging subject with a broad subject area and large range of legislation to revise and learn. It is therefore imperative for students to have a well-structured, clear and all-inclusive set of exam notes for the subject.

These notes represent a comprehensive summary of the evidence law subject and were used to achieve a High Distinction grade.

The notes cover the topics as outlined in the table of contents, being:

- relevance;
- proof;
- judicial notice;
- facilitation of proof;
- corroboration;
- adducing evidence;
- court's control over proceedings;
- oaths and affirmations;
- silence of accused at trial;
- competence and compellability of witnesses;
- examination of witnesses;
- credibility;
- tendency and coincidence;
- character evidence;
- identification evidence;
- admissions/right to silence;
- opinion;
- judgements and convictions;
- hearsay;
- privilege;
- discretions; and
- warnings.


Semester 2, 2020

195 pages

72,000 words



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