- Summary of all readings covered in the course supplemented with class notes and discussion
- Colour-coded (cases = yellow, legislation = green)
- Includes diagrams of key concepts
- Cases in table form (facts/issue/holding/reasoning)
- All sources of law relevant to the ethical issues covered in the course are presented in table format

- Legal ethics and the law
- Behavioural legal ethics
- CLCs, clients and communication
- Legal profession and entry into the profession
- Lawyers' accountability
- Fidelity to the law and accountability
- Access to justice and the context of change
- Ethics of the lawyer-client relationship
- Representing and advising the client
- Money matters
- Ethics implementation - GVV
- Client loyalty and trust
- Civility, Courtesy and ethics implementation
- Conflicting loyalties
- Negotiation and ADR
- Criminal and family ethics
- Corporate ethics
- Accountability (competence and care)
- Accountability (Civil Litigation)
- Future of legal ethics


Term 2, 2020

108 pages

30,449 words



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