Great set of HD notes compiled for Audit and Assurance Services (UTS: 22522) during the Autumn 2021 semester. Excellent quality and these set of notes were worth their weight in gold when I compiled them during the semester - were exactly what I needed for a HD in this subject. Covers all content in just enough detail so it's not too long but not too short. Worth every dollar you spend! Audit Topics covered in the notes: 1) An overview of the profession 2) The audit environment 3) Auditor responsibilities 4) Audit Planning 5) Analysing financial information to assess risk and define materiality 6) Understanding internal controls and how they influence risk 7) Deciding on the audit strategy 8) Testing Internal Controls 9) Substantive Testing 10) The Future of Auditing 11) Audit Reporting 12) Tasks at the end of the audit


Autumn session, 2021

64 pages

19,528 words



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