Thanks for checking out my notes. I really enjoyed this unit and found it was a great basis for my future psychological studies. I received a grade of 92 for this unit and have a WAM of 89 overall. These notes include all course content that I completed, including readings and all statistics content (I completed this unit in 2019 when the STAT1103 content was a part of this unit). I hope you find my notes helpful and best of luck in this unit.

Week 1:
- Developmental Psychology (lecture)
- Introduction to Psychology (lecture)
Week 2:
- Social and Emotional Development (lecture; reading)
- Research Design (lecture; reading)
Week 3:
- Health (lecture; reading; tutorial; tutorial reading)
- Introduction to STATA (lecture; reading)
Week 4:
- Health Continued (lecture)
- Summarising data (lecture; reading)
Week 5:
- Social Psychology (lecture; reading)
- Fundamental concepts (lecture; reading)
Week 6:
- Social Psychology Continued (lecture)
- T-Tests (lecture)
Week 7:
- Organisational Psychology (lecture; reading)
- T-Tests Continued (lecture)
Week 8:
- Organisational Psychology Continued (lecture; reading)
- Statistics Revision (lecture; tutorial)
Week 9:
- Sensation and Perception (lecture; reading)
- Correlation (lecture)
Week 10:
- Vision (lecture)
- Chi-Square (lecture; tutorial)
Week 11:
- Cognitive Psychology (lecture)
- Statistics Recap (lecture)
Week 12:
- Attention (lecture)
- Statistics Recap (lecture)
Week 13:
- Exam Preparation (lecture)
- Statistics Recap (Lecture)


Semester 2, 2019

81 pages

22,977 words


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