A full semester of notes. Topics: WHY, FOR WHAT, AND FOR WHO ARE EVENTS HELD? The Significance of Events in Society Current Trends and Forces Affecting Growth of the Sector Event Definitions and Typologies Impact and Legacy Dimensions Overview THE RELEVANCE OF EVENT EVALUATION Relevance of Event Evaluation STAKEHOLDER THEORY Primary Event Stakeholders Secondary Event Stakeholders Approaches to Engaging with Stakeholders Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement Attributes Triple Bottom Line POLITICAL DIMENSIONS OF EVENTS Justifications for Government Involvement in Events Public Good Event Justified Involvement based on Intangible Benefits Political Roles for Events Enhance the Personal Political Ambitions/Profile of Individuals Forms of Government Involvement in Events Event Funding Criteria Issues Associated with Events and the Political Context Politics of Sport Mega-Events The Politics of Hallmark Events EVENTS AND TOURISM Uses and Outcomes of Event Tourism The Event Tourism Strategy Process Niagara’s Tourism Industry ECONOMIC DIMENSION OF EVENTS Who is Interested in Economic Impacts and Why? How are the Results of Economic Evaluations Used? The Economic Impact of an Event Issues with Economic Impact Evaluation Setting the Boundaries of the Host Region for the Event Determinants of Inscope Expenditure Classifying Inclusions and Exclusions of Inscope Expenditure The Measurement Process – Direct Inscope Expenditure Inscope Expenditure as an Input to Economic Impact Studies Total Effect Economic (Multiplier) Models SOCIAL DIMENSION OF EVENTS Positive Social Impacts Negative Social Impacts Social Impacts Small’s (2007) Six Social Impact Dimensions Measuring Social Impacts Extrinsic Factors Intrinsic Factors Measurement Tools Social Impact Perception (SIP) Cluster Analysis Rockford Music Festival ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS The Sustainability Sell-in The Industry, Suppliers and Contractors Sustainability Policy The Carbon Issue Carbon Offsetting The Drivers for Action Positive Environmental Impacts Positive Environmental Impacts Green Guidelines – Waste Green Guidelines – Water Green Guidelines – Energy Green Guidelines – Transport Measuring Environmental Impacts Environmental Policies Contracts and Sustainable Purchasing Benefits of Greening your Event International Standards Organisation 20121 Implications SPORT EVENTS AND LEGACY Defining Legacy Dimensions of Legacy Valuation of a ‘net’ mega-event legacy Legacies of an event that are supplementary to the long-term development plan of the city Obstacles Considerations of Legacy Legacy Opportunities Potential Negative Legacies Legacy as a Justification for Government Involvement in Events Strategic Approach to Long-term Outcomes Bottom-up Approach to Measuring Legacy Potential Pitfalls of Legacy Planning Implication BUSINESS EVENTS AND LEGACY Business Events Sydney Traditional Valuation of Business Events Beyond Tourism Benefits Initial Research The Findings – Broader Contributions of Business Events Business Event Exhibitors Research Impacts and Lessons Learned


Autumn session, 2020

31 pages

6,975 words



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