Hihi this has to be the most comprehensive notes for PBL you can find!
I have been tutoring this subject for Five years and I get very positive feedback. So I reckon I could help more people by sharing my notes :)

Since I use it for teaching, this document includes NOT ONLY what you will see in slides but also some useful content from the practice exams and your textbook (which are almost consistent every semester so you don't have to worry about content change!)

I have included small part of one topic in Sample for you to have a sense

Topics include:
Topic1 Organization of Law
Topic2 Legislation
Topic3 Case Law
Topic4 Contract Formation
Topic5 Terms of Contract
Topic6 Breach of Terms
Topic7 Remedies
Topic8 Vitiating Factors
Topic9 Australian Consumer Law
Topic10 Tort Law
Topic11 Agency Law


Semester 2, 2020

38 pages

11,955 words



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