These notes are for PYU1102, previously known as PSYU1105 (2020) and cover the following topics from both lectures and readings (integrated):
Developmental psychology, Health psychology, Social psychology, Organisational psychology, Perception, Cognitive Psychology.

These notes are detailed and organised under easy-to-follow subheadings. Study these notes by hiding/covering the information under each subheading and actively recalling the information as if each subheading was a flashcard.

If you prefer a condensed summary, use these notes as your master document and create a mindmap of each topic.

Abbreviations have been used where they make sense, for example 'cog' means cognitive. For copyright reasons I cannot include images from textbooks/lectures, so in the perception and cognitive psychology topics you should screen-shot images from the lectures/readings and insert them into the notes where indicated or helpful.

I have achieved really high marks across all my subjects using this style of note taking and study. I hope you find them helpful!


Semester 2, 2020

41 pages

10,166 words



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