Here are compiled notes pertaining to science communication, sectioned into nine key areas covered: S1 The Science of Language S2 Understanding your Co-Workers S3 Our team gets along…until we don’t S4 Telling tales and drawing pretty pictures S5 Communicating in the global workplace S6 Influencing and Persuading – Making Your Case S7 Talking Your Way Towards a Job S8 Writing for Non-Scientists S9 Key concepts in negotiations - Negotiating with Others A convenient summary diagram is listed on the first page summarising and giving a holistic view of content learned (review over each lecture to see where things fit in the bigger picture - integration of all section areas are KEY to doing well on the exam). Figures and mnemonic acronyms are listed to help with learning, and detailed information is listed where need be. It is recommended to review the lectures notes a day after the lecture, then review these summary notes for more detail (as the lecture notes alone are not detailed). Author's Note: Just so long as the reader pays particular attention to content covered, consistently reviews notes, and engages in conversation in lectures, a H1 will be within grasp! Stay on top of assessments, start and plan early, and all should be well.


Semester 2, 2020

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