Exceptionally detailed notes for all content of PSYU3337 Psychopathology
Content from all lectures, tutorials and readings for the entire semester.
Your one stop guide to everything for the final exam!

Week 2: Understanding Psychopathology
Week 3: Culture, DSM
Week 4: MultiDimensional Models; Assessment and Diagnosis
Week 5: Anxiety Disorders
Week 6: Mood Disorders and Suicide
Week 7: Eating Disorders and Obesity
Week 8: Sexual Dysfunction, Paraphilic Disorders, and Gender Dysphoria Pt1
Week 9: Sexual Dysfunction, Disorders, and Gender Dysphoria Pt 2
Week 10: Substance and Addiction
Week 11: Personality Disorders
Week 12: Schizophrenia
Week 13: Neurodevelopmental

1: Introduction
2: Anxiety and related disorders
3: Mood disorders
4: Eating Disorders
5: Gender Dysphoria/ Sexual Disorders
6: Substance


Semester 1, 2021

65 pages

11,075 words



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