Extensive and extremely detailed notes of entire Negligence section of Torts course. These are the only notes I used to get an HD on my Torts Final Exam. Key Features: - Complete and holistic overview of 5 main areas of Negligence. - Step by step explanations of legal (statutory and common law) tests. - Numerous cases and statutes. provided as authorities for every section of Negligence, with the most important cases' facts summarised. Cases are referred to by their short titles, so you can easily cite them in exam responses. - Explanations and examples are provided throughout so you can understand how to apply the concepts to any scenario. - Suggestions on how to structure and frame your responses with example sentences. - Overview follows the structure and order a response should be written - Cases and legislation are displayed in different colours so you can easily find a relevant authority to cite AREAS COVERED: Duty of Care - Established categories of Duty of Care - Simple cases of Duty of Care - Complex cases of Duty of Care (incl. salient features, special DOC situations, special kinds of harm and special 'no duty' situations) Breach of duty - Standard of Care - Particularising Plaintiff's Claims - Two Part Breach test ( and ) Causation - Factual/Necessary Condition Causation - Legal Causation (incl. common law test of remoteness, and 'new intervening acts') Defences - Contributory Negligence - Voluntary Assumption of Risk Vicarious Liability - Three part test (Defendant at fault, Sufficient relationship, Sufficient connection) Please take note that these notes reflect my understanding of the course at the time it was taught to me. I cannot guarantee their accuracy and cannot speak to what areas are included on the current LAWS1203 exam. Use this overview alongside your own notes, readings and lectures to ensure your understanding is correct and complete. Do not copy any part of these notes word-for-word in any assessment response, as that may constitute plagiarism. Please also note the StudentVIP terms and conditions as to the following: "The Buyer shall not duplicate, disseminate or publicly display any Notes purchased via StudentVIP Notes. Individual duplicates ( copies and printouts of the Notes), may only be made for private individual, personal use, and on the terms outlined in section 40 of the Copyright Act – Fair dealing for purpose of research or study."


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