Introduction to Property and Commercial Law
The notes describe key points from cases listed in the unit of study guide. The scaffold was prepared in a way to allow for the copy and pasting of whole paragraphs responses during the online open book exams.

TOPIC 2 Engaging in dealings in choses in possession:
-Transfer of Ownership
-Transfer of Possession by Bailment

TOPIC 3 Chose in Action
-The Concept of a Chose in Action
-Identifying choses in action
-Equitable choses in action (i) Interests under Trusts
-Equitable choses in action (ii) Interests in unadministered deceased estates

TOPIC 4 Assignment of Legal Interests
-Legal assignment of real property and choses in possession
-Equitable assignments
-Dealings with Equitable Interests
-Assignment of Equitable interests
-Contracts to assign equitable interests
-‘Assignment’ of future property

TOPIC 5A Priorities
-Nemo dat quod non habet and exceptions
-General Law Priority Rules: Contests between Legal and Equitable Interests
-General Law Priority Rules: Contests in Equity

Topic 5B Commercial Dealings as Security Interests Over Property
-Common law
-Security within the scope of the ‘PPSA’


Semester 1, 2021

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