Complete and well-structured notes for LAW4702 (S2, 2020). Compiled and refined from lectures, tutorials, and personal research. Covers everything needed for all assessments. *Structured in a way that helps you work through the relevant legal issue step by step efficiently and thoroughly. Topics covered: 1. Introduction to Consumer Law 2. Consumer Guarantees 3. Liability of Manufacturers of Goods with Safety Defects 4. Misleading and Deceptive Conduct 5. Unfair Terms and Unconscionable Conduct 6. Product Safety Standards and Statutory Remedies 7. Introduction to Competition Law; Markets; Market Power; Competition 8. Mergers 9. Misuse of Market Power 10. Anti-Competitive Agreements 11. Exclusive Dealing 12. Resale Price Maintenance


Semester 2, 2020

63 pages

41,084 words



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