I used only these notes to obtain an H1 (84) in the PPL.

A. An introduction to public law and the state
-Topic 1: What is public law?
-Topic 2: The concept of a State
-Topic 3: Legal Foundations of contemporary Australia
-Topic 4: Australian Independence

B. Sources of public law
-Topic 5: Sources of domestic public law
-Topic 6: Sources of international public law
-Topic 7: The law of treaties and treaty making in Australia

C. Foundational principles
-Topic 8: The organisation of public power within States
-Topic 9: The rule of law

D. Institutions of government
-Topic 10: Legislatures
-Topic 11: Delegated legislation
-Topic 12: The structure of the Executive
-Topic 13: Executive power
-Topic 14: The structure and independence of the judiciary
-Topic 15: Jurisdiction, justiciability and judicial power
-Topic 16: The UN system
-Topic 17: The International Court of Justice

E. The state and the people
-Topic 18: Citizenship
-Topic 19: An introduction to international human rights law
-Topic 20: The protection of human rights in Australia
-Topic 21: Public interest litigation

F. Pulling it together
-Topic 22: The relationship between public domestic and international law in Australia
-Topic 23 and 24: Revision; looking forward


Semester 1, 2020

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