Succinct set of summary notes for all unit of study content from Equity (LAWS2015 / LAWS5015) with summaries of all case law, readings and legislation in scaffold structure. Perfect study material to help you throughout the course and easy to use for the mid-semester and final exams. Please note that the preview sample only contains small extracts from a few topics (5 pages from 5 different topics). The full set of notes contains every topic in complete form.

Topics include:
1) The History and Nature of Equity;
2A) Breach of Confidence;
2B) Estoppel;
3) Remedial Equity;
4) Constitution of Express Trusts;
5) Operation of Express Trusts;
6) Fiduciary Obligations;
7) Resulting Trusts;
8) Constructive Trusts;
9) Tracing;
10) Trusts for Charitable Purposes.


Semester 2, 2020

67 pages

33,382 words



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