These notes are exam-ready comprehensive scaffolds that you can just run through in order to address every issue in a problem question. It saves you the time of reading through vast amounts of legislation and cases by referencing all the relevant principles/tests to the exact legislation/case.

They breakdown the large amount of content in this unit to exactly what you need to address in a problem question to secure a good mark. These are pretty much the only notes you will need to bring into a corporations law exam and the clear content breakdown makes the complex content easy to understand by linking the topics to each other.

Topics included:
1) Introduction
2) Company Formation
3) Corporate Fundraising (seminar 3 only)
4) Corporate Insolvency
5) Corporate personality and limited liability (Corporate Criminal Liability)
6) Corporate Constitution
7) Corporate Decision-making organs
8) General Liability in Contract and Tort (Corporate Contracting)
9) Directors' Duties: Duty to act in good faith and proper purpose
10) Directors' Duties: Duty to avoid conflict between duty and interest
11) Directors' Duties: Duty of care, skill and dilligence
12) Members' Rights and remedies


Semester 2, 2020

60 pages

29,942 words



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