These notes go through each of the readings and provide summaries and analysis for each topic by reading. This is the best way to approach legal theory notes as the essay and exam for this subject is very 'readings' oriented.

My notes are clear, concise, well organised and provide the bedrock for thinking about the readings in an analytic way. They are likely to help you achieve an H1 mark in the subject. I've also included important quotes from the readings which you can use in your essays.

The topics covered are:

1. Thinking About and With Law
2. Law and Force
3. Rival Accounts of Law, Morality, and Legality
4. Authority and the Rule of Law
5. Plural Jurisprudences
6. Settler States and Indigenous Law
7. International Law, Sovereignty and the State
8. The Promise of Human Rights
9&10. Representing and Imagining Law
11. Legal Education
12. Revision


Semester 2, 2020

27 pages

13,205 words



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