These notes provide a summary of all of the content for ANTH1006. They are super useful for the weekly quizzes/exams, as well as the research essay. Each lecture topic is covered, as well as a summary of the readings (some of which are 40+ pages). The topics covered are: Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Anthropology (2) Ethnographies of Drug Use (3) Hallucinogens (4-5) Drug Symbolism (6) Drug Law Reform (7) Cannabis (8) Cocaine (9) Neuropharmacology (10-12) Drug Abuse and Addiction (13-14) The War on Drugs (15) A Law Enforcement Perspective on Drugs (16) Drugs and Incarceration (17) Alcohol, Drugs, and Indigenous Australia (18) Political Economy of Opiates (19-20) The Political Economy of Tobacco (21) Tobacco and Shamanism (22) Erectile Dysfunction Drugs (23) Steroids (24) Emergency Contraception (25) The Placebo Effect (26)


Semester 1, 2021

26 pages

12,095 words



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