Reading notes for Identity, Ideology and Nationalism in Asia, under clear headings and dot-points, complete with page numbers. **This subject allows students to choose 1 reading each week, out of a selection of 4 readings. These notes only include the 1 reading that I chose for each week** These notes helped me achieve a score of 81 for the subject, and were especially handy for formulating Seminar discussion questions, which are a weekly requirement. Includes the following topics: - Between banality and effervescence?: a study of Japanese youth nationalism - The Rise of "Localism" and Civic Identity in Post-handover Hong Kong: Questioning the Chinese Nation-state - The disciplinary politics of antagonistic nationalism in militarised South and North Korea - Sex and the Colonial City: Mapping Masculinity, Whiteness, and Desire in French Occupied Hanoi - Korean-Pop, Tom Gay Kings, Les Queens and the Capitalist Transformation of Sex/Gender Categories in Thailand - Monks in Politics, Monks in the World: Buddhist Activism in Contemporary Myanmar - Rizal and the Rethinking of the Analytics of Malayness - Constructing the Nation's Enemy: Hindutva, popular culture and the Muslim 'other' in Bollywood cinema - Just between us: identity and representation among Muslim women


Semester 2, 2020

24 pages

5,500 words


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