Comprehensive notes for LAWS1141. Contains everything you need to know to thoroughly engage with the ENTIRE course. I used these notes to write 'one of the best responses' the marker read for my Mid-Term.

Contains the following topics:
- Constitutionalism
- The Rule of Law
- Separation of Powers
- Westminster System
- US System
- Australia's constitutional hybrid
- Australia's Path to Federation
- Australian Federalism
- Popular sovereignty
- Statutory Interpretation
- Principle of Legality
- Presumption against Retrospectivity
- Indigenous People and the Constitution
- Sovereignty and self-determination
- Treaty making
- Aboriginal people and the Electoral Franchise
- the 1967 Referendum and the Races Power
- Reform for constitutional recognition
- Powers and Functions of the Legislature
- Parliamentary privilege
- Eligibility to be elected into Parliament
- Judicial review of the legislature
- Voting at Federal Elections
- Express and Implied Right to vote
- History and Composition of the Executive
- Powers of the Executive
- Mechanisms by which the Executive is held to account
- Responsible Government
- History and overview of the Judiciary
- Composition of the Judiciary
- Judicial Appointments
- Judicial Accountability
- Separation of Judicial Power
- What is Judicial Power
- Boilmaker's Principle
- Persona Designata
- Incompatibility Rule
- Powers of the State Legislature
- Human Rights
- Bills and Charters of Rights
- Constitutional Amendment on the federal level
- Constitutional Amendment on the state level
- Australia's last referendum
- Manner and form requirement

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Term 3, 2020

84 pages

35,068 words



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