I finished this subject in Sem 2 2020 with a 86 HD Grade.

These notes were specifically designed in a step-by step checklist format for the purpose of answering exam style questions.

You will save so much time preparing for your exam by purchasing these notes as they cover all the content covered during the course and can be used directly in the final exam.

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The notes cover every topic of the course, including:
Examination in Chief and the Bolster Rule
Cross-Examination and Finality Rule
Hearsay and its Exceptions (Examination in Chief & Cross Examination)
Expert and Opinion Evidence
Police Powers & Right to Silence
Confessions and Police Discretions
Discretions to exclude evidence
Propensity and Similar Fact evidence (Examination in Chief)
The Shield against Prior Misconduct in Cross Examination
Sex offences, identification, corroboration, warnings and directions


Semester 2, 2020

42 pages

15,990 words


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