This was all I used to get a Distinction on the exam and for my assessment. They are exam/topic summaries condensed over a couple of pages per topic for the exam. They are all colour coded and include all the rules and legislation you require to get a great mark. They are set up to be printed as either A4 or A3 pages. Topics: 1 - Intro to Ethics, Morality and the Legal Profession 2 - Admission to Practice 3 A-B-C - Duties Owed to Clients 4 - Duty to Account and Costs 5 A - Duty Owed to the Administration of Justice: Independence and Candour 5 B - Duty Owed to the Administration of Justice: Dealing with Witnesses 6 - Duties Owed to the Profession and Other Responsibilities 7 - Complaints and Discipline


Trimester 2, 2019

33 pages

25,615 words



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