These notes are structured to suit problem-style exams. They are scripted and the topics are arranged so you can follow step by step without missing any issues. The notes are only 45 pages and are accompanied by legislative extracts. They do not include case summaries as the notes are designed for exam use. Contents: 1. Classification of trusts and trusts powers 2. Creation and validity of express trusts (certainties, formalities, constitution) 3. Quistclose trusts 4. Charitable trusts (certainties, charitable purpose - relief of poverty, education, religion, other, Cypres, mixed purposes) 5. Duties of trustees (general breaches, fiduciary breaches, investment breaches, general defences, right to approach court, beneficiaries' remedies) 6. Trustee's right of indemnity 7. Beneficiaries' rights to call for trust property (wind up) and remove trustee


Semester 1, 2020

66 pages

200 words



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