DISCLAIMER: This only includes topics that are assessable in the exam. This is designed to help you in the exam, not to assist you in writing lectures or answering cold calls. No waffle, no full case briefs. PINPOINTS included for authorities that require it. Want to get into 'biglaw' and earn the salary you expected from a law career? Then you need to ace a GREAT contracts grade! (No pressure though, take care of yourself) Remember, the exams are your endgame. Nothing else matters. Structure your whole semester preparing for the exam. Yes, assessments help boost your grade but how you do in the exams make or break you. So, use this scaffold to guide you step-by-step in every element of contractual topics that would be assessed in the exam. Don't forget to structure wisely! (HRAAC) Good luck :)))))


Spring session, 2020

43 pages

11,056 words



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