These notes cover the full subject of COMP10001: Foundations of Computing for 2020 Semester 1. The content of these notes was sourced from lectures, guest lectures, tutorials, assignments and Grok.

These notes include:
- All content from lectures, tutorials and Grok worksheets
- All concepts include clear examples in Python syntax

They are suitable for beginners with no experience coding and to those who just want a summary of the entire course. I had no prior experience coding before this subject and these helped me to achieve a H1.

The Topics Covered:
• Basics
• Strings
• Format
• Functions
• Loops
• Tuples
• Dictionaries
• Mutability
• Modules and Files
• Testing and Debugging
• Debugging, Exceptions, Assertion
• Iterators and itertools
• Recursion
• URL’s and HTML
• HTML and Web Programming
• Algorithms
• Images
• Data Structures
Guest Lectures:
• Cryptographic Protocols
• Higgs Boson Discovery


Semester 1, 2020

39 pages

5,731 words



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