These notes are a combination of the examinable lecture topics (recordings, not simply slides), cases (summarised), tutorials (additional points made by the tutor) and textbook (all chapters specified in the unit guide). Bullet point form (apart from cases which are summarised into paragraphs). Distinction grade using these notes in the final exam as the textbook was already summarised. Topics: REQUIREMENT OF WRITING CAPACITY CONSTRUCTION OF TERMS CONSTRUCTION OF EXCLUSION CLAUSES EXPRESS TERMS IMPLIED TERMS MISREPRESENTATION MISLEADING OR DECEPTIVE CONDUCT MISTAKE DURESS UNCONSCIONABILITY UNDUE INFLUENCE UNJUST CONTRACTS DISCHARGE BY PERFORMANCE DISCHARGE BY AGREEMENT DISCHARGE BY BREACH DISCHARGE BY FRUSTRATION ILLEGALITY COMMON LAW ILLEGALITY EFFECT OF ILLEGALITY CONTRACTS REVIEW ACT PRIVITY Each topic summarised under headings and sub-headings of both the lecture and the textbook.


Semester 1, 2015

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