These succinct summaries include content drawn from lecture notes, edX online learning, text book readings and my own research which I then condensed to make BIOL1020 efficient and easy for you to study.

Each week’s summary is colour-coded and only 1-2 pages long (totalling only 21 pages), making it short and sweet.
I’ve also titled sections and included a contents page to make it easy to navigate.

These summaries are good for you to review content quickly throughout the semester and/or it can be used as a refresher on the day of the final exam. These notes can also be quickly read prior to studying to identify gaps in knowledge/concepts you need to study on. However, even though I’ve tried my best to be as comprehensive as possible, it might not be detailed enough for you to rely solely on it for the final exam.

Includes content from whole semester covering all 3 modules:
-Module 1: Molecular and Cell Biology (Weeks1-4)
-Module 2: Genes to Traits (Weeks 5-10)
-Module 3: Inheritance to Evolution (Weeks 11-13).

Note: I received a 7 (High Distinction) in this course years ago and uploaded notes then. This year, I went through and watched all lectures and online learning to make sure it was still relevant and updated it for 2020. These notes have now superseded those old notes.


Semester 1, 2020

21 pages

5,137 words



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