Covers all relevant materials and summarises Constitutional law perfectly. Extensive, colourful and informative notes that I wrote recently myself that scored me a HD. Has colour and diagrams to visually understand concepts and is extremely easy to navigate. I selected 7 pages from different topics to give you an idea of how my notes are set out. These notes are perfect for the Constitutional exam and will maximise your marks. Covers: Characterisation and Interpretation Trade and Commerce Power- (s51(i)) External Affairs Power- s 51(xxix) (Purposive) Race Power (s51 (xxvi)) Judicial Power Acquisition of Property on Just Terms Executive Power Spending & Prerogative Power Nationhood Power- s51 (xxxix) (Purposive) Federalism Implied Freedom of Political Communication Trial by Jury (s80) s109: Inconsistency Between Cth & State Laws


Autumn session, 2020

56 pages

24,891 words



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