These notes are extensive, comprehensive and contain everything you'll need to know for the exam! All learning objectives are covered in clear dot-point form, from Weeks 1 to 11.

They're super helpful to use when studying for the exam and to have alongside you as you learn the unit materials.

Topic 1: What Is Personality?
Topic 2: Dominant Theories: Biological & Trait
Topic 3: Dominant Theories: Social Learning & Self-Concept
Topic 4: Dominant Theories: Psychodynamic & Motivation
Topic 5: Testing & Measurement
Topic 6: Personality Across the Lifespan
Topic 7: Personality, Health & Wellbeing
Topic 8: Personality Disorders and Therapeutic Approaches
Topic 9: Personality and Cognition
Topic 10: Personality in the Workplace
Topic 11: Personality and Culture


Trimester 2, 2020

68 pages

16,950 words



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