If you want to get a 7 for this subject like I did, you need these notes.

The exam is an open book exam, but it you will be strapped for time! so its not about how much you study the content but how much time and effort you put into organising and coding your notes. My notes are organised and numbered with a definitions/table of contents for convenience, the table is in alphabetical order with a definition of the word, what page it is on in my lecture notes, what page it is on in the book and the case that related to it

The notes also include a table of all the cases, with page numbers to find in my notes and in the textbook.

In all honesty i would not have received a HD if I didn't put so much effort into my notes and it took me hours and hours to do. So if you don't have time to do your notes feel free to purchase mine.

I suggest you print and bind these notes for the exam


Semester 2, 2016

127 pages

29,259 words



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